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the concept

Private yoga workshops tailored for your level, needs and injuries

Yoga works proposes a personalized approach allowing you to get all the benefits from the practice. The private classes are tailored to your needs, level and injuries. This therapeutic approach allows you re-educate your body in order to find balance through movement, breathing and meditation . Yoga becomes a remedy to our modern stressful lifestyle.



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"A wonderful discovery"

Yoga Works is such a wonderful discovery! If you are looking to learn and understand the essence of yoga, meditation, and breathwork, this is the place for you!
— Anthony Meneghini

about us

Stephanie Parent

During her 10 year career in the fashion corporate world, Stephanie was initially drawn to yoga for it’s physical aspect. Rapidly, she started noticing the benefits on her mind and body. Every class, she felt her tensions and stress diminish. Her mind became much more clear and stable. She knew from that moment that yoga was not just a sport, it was a lifestyle.